Dating sampw model 10

If a creditor chooses to use the checklist of reasons provided in one of the sample forms in this appendix and if reasons commonly used by the creditor are not provided on the form, the creditor should modify the checklist by substituting or adding other reasons.For example, if “inadequate down payment” or “no deposit relationship with us” are common reasons for taking adverse action on an application, the creditor ought to add or substitute such reasons for those presently contained on the sample forms. If the reasons listed on the forms are not the factors actually used, a creditor will not satisfy the notice requirement by simply checking the closest identifiable factor listed.Creditors may comply with the disclosure requirements for adverse action based on information in a consumer report obtained from an affiliate by providing either the section 615(a) or section 615(b) disclosure.Optional language in Forms C-1 through C-5 may be used to direct the consumer to the entity that provided the credit score for any questions about the credit score, along with the entity's contact information.

Forms C-7 and C-8 are intended for use in connection with applications for business credit under § 202.9(a)(3).Forms C-1 through C-4 are intended for use in notifying an applicant that adverse action has been taken on an application or account under §§ 202.9(a)(1) and (2)(i) of this regulation.Form C-5 is a notice of disclosure of the right to request specific reasons for adverse action under §§ 202.9(a)(1) and (2)(ii).X-ray hardness rates show that ~39% of the sources are highly obscured, N_10^ cm^, in agreement with the ~37% of type-2 AGN found in our sample based on their optical classification.For ~26% of objects have mismatched optical and X-ray classifications.Forms C-2 through C-5 contain only the section 615(a) disclosure (that a creditor obtained information from a consumer reporting agency that was considered in the credit decision and, as applicable, a credit score used in taking adverse action along with related information).


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