Ohio farm bureau dating

He even got sweet treats from Lerches Donuts and a candy apple.

And we gave little kids who had never rode a horse free horsey rides.

The second photo is of Mya with her calf right before showing.

Not even big enough to handle a regular show stick my husband made her one her size out of a dowel rod.

To top it off, her cousin and mentor received reserve champion her last year showing. The first is of my youngest daughter Mya before she shows with my mom and daddy (aka Granny Mac (Maxine) & Kenny Pop (Ken) Monlux) At this time I believe they had been 4-H advisors for 50 years!

Mya isn’t even old enough to show in 4-H yet but insisted that she was showing HER calf in open class.

On July 4th I was with my family to watch the fireworks when it started to rain. We had flooding throughout the county like had never been seen before. Several law enforcement officers lost their lives trying to rescue people.Can’t tell it in the photo but it was pretty swelled up by the next day.I have so many wonderful memories of my 4-H days that it is impossible for me to choose only one! I loved every aspect of the camping experience: making crafts to take home and show off; learning the various line dances during recreation time; the daily trek to the lovely secluded area for Vespers, and the precious conversations late at night in the cabin with my new friends.Several of the livestock barns still have marks by the entrances showing how high the water was that year. My daughters loved 4-H Camp and my grandson went this year and loved it too!This is me and my horse Joleo Cody aka Joey at the Wayne county fair.Another tribe said ours would not have anyone to hold a very large snake that was at the nature part of the camp.


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