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Bo, if there were a reference from Bol er to "Power plant," and if the searcher tailed to hud the required article under the latter word, he should look through the ••Boiler" en- tries, or others that the topic might suggest, as he would have done had there been do cross- reference. The operation is as follows: Water of condensation enters the meter at one end of the storage chamber, where it .strikes a baffle plate. In this position the dashpot cylinder has been pulled upward so that the ports K and L are out of register. movement of the shaft the cyl- inder will be moved downward as the roller rides up on the cam. and is guaranteed to measure accurately to within one-half of one per cent.

Letters are indexed under title or subject, general articles under writer's name as well. From the storage cham- ber the liquid flows through an opening (Fig. When the roller reaches the position shown at the left of Fig. It also guards against possible spinning of the bucket shaft after it has been released and insures the stopping of the next bucket at the correct filling position. 4, is in- closed in a damp- and dust-proof dial box to prevent corrosion. Wight Electrical Boiler-Level Recorder It is common to hear either the high- or the low- water alarm sounding in boiler plants.

She copied it from internet, but was too stupid to change basic things like numbers etc.

Benny (Belgium) Report N4 (added on February, 14, 2008) She only aske for mony to ticket or som kind of trust found the not existere.

We got to chatting and I should have realized she was a fraud right away, but I let my soft heart get in the way, this could have happened to the poor girl, and have emailed her for about a month now. The buckets are held in the filling position by a locking device in the dial box of the meter until the proper amount of water has been delivered to the bucket being filled. Each bucket is provided with a cam, the surface of which gradually increases in radius in the direction of the rotation of the buckets and terminates at its highest end in a stop projection A, the outer edge of which projects beyond the peripheral surface of the cam portion. The turning movement of the buckets and the shaft is so sensitive that the addition of one-quarter ounce of water will move the full bucket when it is ready to dump. This arm is fulcrumed at D, and the other end of the arm engages, by means of a slot, with the pin E, which is carried by the cylinder F, which telescopes over a plunger G pivoted to the metal case. it " 571-606 Uav 7 " 607-644 ""* ,\ ■' 645-680 ., i? Then the full bucket moves to the dumping position ; the next bucket cuts in when the full bucket moves Jg inch. A camwheel B revolves on a pin in the arm C and runs on the surface of the camwheel.Bill (Canada) Report N8 (added on March, 28, 2008) She is listed as Russian and I have same photos different angle works with Celestine Donkor who claims to be South African beware she is from Italy and does speak Italian may be dupe or participant.


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