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We’re not very good at honest debate in this country but sex (along with booze and drugs) is a subject which our young people need help with in order to understand and deal with it in a responsible fashion.Perhaps seven is a bit young, but I’m damn sure that by the time most children reach high school these days they will be mixing with others of a similar age who know a lot more than they perhaps should and learnt it from a less reliable source than their friendly class teacher.Girls were those other people in my class at school. Some don’t play well while others may not be able to read or write as well as many of their peers.The ones with the long hair who used skipping ropes at playtime and showed no interest in my half-full Panini sticker album. So how on earth would such children, or even their more confident and mature classmates, cope with sex or relationship education?Your Body Type comes from which of your four major glands is strongest in your metabolism.The body has four major glands: the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland and gonads or sex glands.Some may have known a while before how babies were made but, if they did, they kept it to themselves.A few doubtless found out from their parents in a traditional ‘birds and bees’ type chat.

You can get an idea of the way each Body Type looks from the picture.

At no point did anyone sit us down and explain that what is more important than sex is how you treat the other person before, during and afterwards.

Nobody told us that during the course of adolescence we’d all have our hearts broken and our dreams crushed.

Classrooms the length and breadth of the country already teach personal and social education and promote respect.

Surely education in relationships is just the next step along that path.


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