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Danielle Lloyd is has given birth to a baby boy with her fiancé Michael O'Neill, it is the model's fourth child as she already shares three sons with her ex-husband, Jamie O'Hara.

The 33-year-old model originally broke her baby news in a Beyoncé-themed photo shoot in OK!

I spoke to some women after I shared the post who said it’s never gone for them, and it really bothers them and thanked me for trying to raise awareness.

They felt like they were the only people who had it but now I’ve spoken about it they feel a bit better about themselves.

I’m waking up every three hours or so to go to the toilet, I’m getting to the stage where he’s almost here, I can’t wait now.

I’m really excited, my friend gave birth to twins yesterday and they’re just so beautiful, I can’t wait to go and see them today, to be honest I feel like everyone around me seems to be having babies, and I’m seeing baby everywhere! Boys holiday My three boys have all gone away with their nan and granddad, my brother and his girlfriend and their kids, so they’ve just had the best time.

They keep sending me pictures of their newborn cousin, and they show me the baby whenever I Face Time them.

Of the wedding, she confessed she's put plans on hold as she doesn't want to be a pregnant bride.

Basically, it’s a hormonal imbalance, when you’re pregnant the pigmentation can change and you get dark patches around your face in different places.

i get it really bad around my chin and on top of my lip.

It wasn’t very far away so I just took all my medical notes with me and had insurance and stuff, I wasn’t going anywhere and being stupid. Pregnancy massages I’ve been going to the Hart Spa for pregnancy massages as I’m starting to get a bit uncomfortable. I’m going to get one a week now before the run up to the baby because apparently it can really help you in labour, because you’re more relaxed and your body isn’t as stiff, it loosens you up.

I’m loving being able to say I can go for one every week!


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