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In Iran, Hamid Habibi, who runs Keepers Nursery (uk) in Kent, grows about 12 varieties.•Quince recipes for chilly autumn days He explains that some varieties have softer, fine-textured and sweeter flesh so, when picked off the tree, they can be eaten raw.

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In England quinces are now used mainly for jams and jellies or throwing a few bits into an apple tart or sauce to add that extra dimension.Medlars have beautiful blossom in late May and after they fruit they have fabulous autumn colour.Medlars are usually grafted on hawthorn or quince A or C rootstock. A friend grew fine standards that had been grafted on to straight stems about 6ft (1.8m) high (most unusual), which then had interesting, spreading tops.These are said to be particularly tasty, with a good balance of sweet and acid, and have a less gluey texture than better-known varieties such as 'Nottingham’, which has a very open eye – site of the calyx.It looks a little like a crown – or a dog’s bottom, according to the French.Hamid says in his orchards the quince get regular sprays of fungicide as they are treated with the apples and pears so no sign of the disease occurs. The recommended treatment is Bayer Garden Systhane Fungus Fighter, which contains myclobutanil.


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