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For a more up to date hairy lady, look no further than Jennifer Miller, who is still living and working in the US, combining hirsutism with juggling and fire-eating – she has, apparently, yet to singe her beard, which is indeed testament to her skills.

She campaigns to raise awareness and was the subject of a documentary entitled Juggling Gender, for which she has won several awards.

He apparently was too slow while taking money out of his pocket. Before that he threw the change in my friend instead of just giving it to him. Hello, could anyone please tell me if there are similar clubs like Kit Kat in Austria (Österreich) ?

I would love to visit a club like that but it is very far away so I will not have a chance soon..

Even when dancing I always got these weirdos trying to dance with me and my friend, which is something that doesn't happen in other clubs in Berlin. People here are just weird and have strange/bad social skills.

Just for the note, I'm not a prude or someone who can't party in Berlin...

Indeed there were reports only last week that men’s tastes are evolving (or regressing, depending on how far back you can remember) and the preferred bikini area look is now decidedly ‘natural’, with many describing the absence of any hair as ‘creepy’.

One of Mariam’s most famous predecessors was Josephine Clofullia, who lived from 1827 to 1875 and toured with P. She married and gave birth to two children, who were also quite hirsute.And so Mariam is part of a rich tradition of bearded ladies, of which she is rightfully proud.It’s been a while since Julia Roberts sparked outrage and (rather hilariously) concern by appearing at a film premiere with unshaven armpits, but the current porn-industry led culture for baby-smooth women has possibly peaked.If anyone have any info on similar clubs around Europe (maybe a link to a list of similar clubs) I will really appreciate it if you notify me...you can also send me a link on my email: [email protected] you :) Wow, wow wow. Dresscode, leather harnes, leather with metal string and high leather boots, just THE outfit for this fantastic club.Then there was Lady Olga, who lived around the turn of the 20th century, and also travelled with a circus.


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