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During Jax Brewing's early 20th century heyday, the Durkeeville brewer was one of the city's largest employers, churning out 200,000 barrels of beer annually.60 years later, beer still means big business in Jacksonville and the rest of the country.William Ostner's Jax Brewing Company was the largest brewery to operate in Jacksonville before the 1969 arrival of Anheuser-Busch.Although Philadelphia was the first place in this country where lager beer was made, it wasn't long before the brewing industry had discovered Jacksonville.

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They went all out to make it stand out between the red budweisers and the blue bud light boxes.

Also included was a trip to the brewery's tasting room for a five course meal developed by Riverside favorite Black Sheep, to pair local foods with various brands produced at the brewery and its Home Brew Club.

Covering 1.4 million square feet, the manufacturing operations of the brewery are pretty impressive.

Once beer has been brewed it's sent to three bottle lines, three can lines and one draft line for packaging.

As many as 125 million cases of beer are produced annually and 8.5 million cans of beer are filled daily and producing more than 125 million cases of beer annually.


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