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There is a hierarchy in the writing element and taggers are at the bottom of this, learning the basics.“There is no school to go and do this, you start off as a tagger and try and enhance yourself,” she said.

Writing (graffiti) is an integral part of hip-hop culture, which also includes b-boying (breakdancing), djing and rapping.“Within our writing culture we find young people with the potential to grow within the culture and mentor them in the process that we know.“Most of the young people we work with end up doing some good work,” she said.

In Auckland legal street art is actually an oxymoron as there are no officially designated sites.

Creative New Zealand was unaware of any similar schemes in the Auckland area.At the blackberry event and the Teen Choice Awards she may have looked semi too thin, but hopefully she is healthy and feeling good.I would have never guessed her height by seeing her in these photos! I myself am 5'3 so it's nice to see someone slightly shorter than me becoming such a fashion icon! I was going to ask if we had gone from 20 to 19 and been taken off the list. While I have never actually met Soltan I knew of her due to our shared love of Don De Lillo (Woman loves De Lillo) but I didn't know she was unspeakably cool. I was going to ask if nationwide acceptance into the organization was down.In other situations graffiti artists will use a site that has been tagged several times.


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