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Blanchard consistently lobbied for universal co-education and was a strong proponent of reform through strong public education open to all.At this time, Wheaton was the only school in Illinois with a college-level women's program.Police said the 19-year-old freshman transfer student from Indiana was in a dorm room watching college basketball at about 10 p.m. His legs and wrists were wrapped in duct tape, a pillow case was put over his head and he was placed in the back seat of a vehicle, police said. Terry Ekl, an attorney representing the freshman, said the abductors talked about sexually violating his client.Ekl said both of his client's shoulder muscles were torn, requiring at least three surgeries.Blanchard officially separated the college from any denominational support and was responsible for its new name, given in honor of trustee and benefactor Warren L.Wheaton, who founded the town of Wheaton after moving to Illinois from New England."There is no acceptable level" of hazing in high school or college sports, says Hank Nuwer, who has written several books about hazing as a social problem and lectured on the subject at colleges nationwide.What sometimes is referred to as good-natured hazing "is an oxymoron," said Nuwer, 71, professor of journalism at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana.

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The arrests of five Wheaton College football players accused of hazing two teammates were up for discussion with Nuwer's sports issues class Tuesday, and he said students raised many questions, including when the hazing culture began, what the college administrators knew about it and when, whether they notified authorities, and if there are other victims.The victim contacted police, left the school the next day and has since transferred from Wheaton College.Hazing rituals are meant to initiate and welcome someone onto a team.In 2010, Wheaton College become the first American Associate University of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s Faith and Globalization Initiative.Tony Blair noted that the partnership will "give emerging leaders in the United States and the United Kingdom the opportunity to explore in depth the critical issues of how faith impacts the modern world today through different faith and cultural lenses" and that Wheaton's participation will "greatly enrich the Initiative".Buswell's tenure was characterized by expanding enrollment (from approximately 400 in 1925 to 1,100 in 1940), a building program, strong academic development, and a boom in the institution's reputation.


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