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An alternative chronometer, the U-Pb system does not suffer with this limitation, and has been used successfully for several decades to date geologically old materials (up to the age of the Earth), but is analytically difficult to apply to young materials.

One of the main projects that I am currently working on is to adapt and apply the U-Pb chronometer to geologically young carbonate materials in order to extend our geochronological ability beyond the ~500,000 year limit of the U-Th chronometer.

We also find that present terrestrial carbon cycle models do not capture the observed enhancement in CGR sensitivity in the past five decades. Soc.&rft.volume=82&rft.spage=247&rft.epage=267& NCEP|[ndash]|NCAR 50-year reanalysis: monthly means CD|[ndash]|ROM and documentation&rfr_id=info:sid/ How climate change influences the severity of biomass burning has proved difficult to assess. Here, we examined the depth of ground-layer combustion in 178 sites dominated by black spruce in Alaska, using data collected from 31 fire events between 19. Unrelated to the above, I have also worked extensively on the tectonic evolution of the Lewisian Complex of the Outer Hebrides, NW Scotland.College of Environmental Science and Engineering, UNEP Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse Study, Tongji University, Siping Rd 1239, Shanghai, China E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]: 86 21 65985059 Tel: 86 21 65983121 –CNF) were prepared by combining electrospinning and carbonization. analysed statistical data, led the overall synthesis and wrote the paper.


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