18 yr old dating 24 yr old

She possibly assumes that as an 18 year old, he is going to be more interested in that and would take advantage of you.

In her mind, you are a 15 year old girl who would be struggling with an 18 year old boy if he ever tried to force sex on you.

Well she is 16 and she just got pregnant, but her boyfriend was only 19 then because he just had his 20th birthday two days ago.........please tell me that they can't send him to jail...... My friend is so scared and I am trying to help her..... please help me asap im 14 yrs old august 2 i turn 15 but im dating an18 yr old and when my mom gets mad she says she goning too press stagatory rape on him and we've already had sex but she said we could but know is deinieng it what do i do im in love and im very scaredyeh.. So we just hang out and were a lil closer then "just friends" but nothing serious. go out with him over the summer when my life will be alot "settled".

But in the summer he will be 17 & ill still be 14 intill December. It doesn't rly worry me that there's a little age difference but if he was 3 years and like 4 months older then me I guess we would just keep it as friends. SHe has said something about how he COULD go to jail if anything happened.i dont think she would.

And i love this man and I dont want him in one please help me. Now, here's a thought: at what age can you get married without parental consent in Utah? so i moved out of her house and into his apartment with him and his cousin who was also 19. If you are a MINOR dating an ADULT or an ADULT dating a MINOR, the adult can end up in deep trouble.

When DHS found out, they jumped right on it, and i was immediatly put into a foster home, because him and i were sharing the same bed( no nothing sexual was going on ). I am still there, and now i am stuck there until i am 18. The minor's parent can file for statutory rape and they don't need alot of evidence to do so. If you didn't, you'll be telling the truth, but you probably won't be believed based on the fact that the ones that are having sex LIE.

Don't fight back, but show her that you understand her concern but that he is nothing like that. Now she's threatening to throw him in jail if i ever contact him again. My suggestion is to keep it on the low freom the parents until the time is right. We have gone out on soem dates then one day he's just like he can't go out with me because i am too young...

can she really do that or is she just saying that so i will break up with him? I thought that as long as i was 16 it was legal..... I am 16 and my boyfriend is 18 and will soon turn 19 next month...mom said that she will but him in jail if we don't stop having sex........boyfriend and i have been together for 5 years and we want to spend our lives together.........mom wants to break us up...putting him in jail..... Even if 16 is the age of consent, your mom can still get a restraining order against him to keep him away from you.

IN two months of months of dating I decided to go see her and we got cut.

And the cops told me to stay away from her and if i didnt i was gonna get charged by her mom. My girlfriend is 15 and a half and she lives in new jersey.

I continued to date this guy for a month after i moved out of his apartment. The adult will probably be convicted of some type of sex crime.

i thought that i was in love, and i realized that i was really gonna screw up my life if i didnt stop lying and telling people stuff just so that i could see him. SHe has said something about how he COULD go to jail if anything happened.i dont think she would. That person will have to spend THE REST OF HIS/HER LIFE as a registered sex offender.


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