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Being able to control a house with a remote control is a point in your favor for lots of things: showing off in front of your friends, surprising a date or (more likely) not having to get out of bed to turn off the lights.At CES 2015 through a strategic alliance with several partners, We Chat launched the concept of a “Smart Room.” By scanning a QR code, users could control curtains, turn on or off lights, and even create personalized “settings,” all through the app.It’s not like there’s a green “Buy Now” button with the picture of the house on top.Nonetheless, We Chat is perfect for establishing a relationship of trust with the Chinese customer: a video tour to see the house, photos, conversations (we imagine large ones) to negotiate the price…But then again, it’s the same problem; you have to have time to listen to them.

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Outside of China, it is almost completely off the radar, and with luck, is associated with the “Chinese version of Whats App.”Despite the image that many people have of China being “the country of cheap rip-offs,” We Chat is not just a bad rip-off; rather, it is an inspiration for Facebook and its Messenger or Snapchat.It might be easier to soften up the judge with a sticker than by putting on your “good boy” face.Authors bio: Iván Fanego and Tamara Lucas, the founders of 2geeks1city, are a Spanish geek couple who are traveling across Asia to understand how the digital revolution and startups have an effect on society, companies, and people.In China, trust is important above all else, and the distant real estate agent builds it through this platform.It must be mentioned that at least the deal is closed with the help of legal advisors, and the payment is generally done in cash, but the majority of the sale takes place on We Chat.When the days are dark and nothing makes you hot remember about x Hamster's Filipina Porn!


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