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"I think they were both in the same place at the same time," Czuchry defended."Rory and Logan have always had a love for each other that has gone back and forth, and they've never really wanted to say goodbye."Their intention was to leave that open and put that out in the universe for fans to talk about and debate." It was a huge leap from where Rory and Logan left things at the end of the original series' seven-season run.In the penultimate episode, Logan proposed to Rory at her graduation party.) each other, but they're doing it behind the backs of their respective significant others.

Over the course of the four 90-minutes episodes, fans discovered that not only are Rory and Logan still seeing (and sleeping with!

For me, what I loved about the Logan and Rory journey was that Life and Death Brigade that starts there in "Fall." Just that whole montage and then going into where Logan is trying to help Rory achieve her dreams, to write this book, offering a key to his house and then of course, their goodbye, that whole sequence there is something I really loved reading in the script and loved watching in terms of the overall chapters.

That was such an elaborate sequence of events with the costumes and the lighting and the dancing and the music. On the page, it felt like this is the best of Logan, this is the best of Rory, this is the best of them together.

"I always looked at Logan as somebody who was always trying to push Rory to be the best that she could possibly be in her personal and professional life, so I never looked at it like that. "Especially when we were working on the rooftops in Stars Hollow and looking down at the beautiful town.

I think that maybe [ "All the Life and Death Brigade stuff was my favorite," Czuchry gushed.


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