Dating vintage tablecloths online dating high standards

Shorter drops have a casual and easygoing look, and they tend to be more practical for everyday dining.

If your table features unusual measurements, play around with different linens to decorate your table.

Whites and neutrals work well in small kitchens and dining nooks, as they do not overwhelm smaller spaces.

The occasion can also play a role in your color and print choice.

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If your walls, furniture and curtains are neutral, you can choose nearly any color or print.Protect wooden table surfaces from hot , drips and spills.Williams-Sonoma features a great selection of designs and colors, from neutrals to vibrant prints.If you want to protect the surface of a wood table, consider adding a table pad underneath your linens.Pads are usually made from water-resistant materials, which help keep liquids away from your wood.A resident of Southern California, Pam previously wrote The Collectors’ Guide to Vintage Tablecloths for Schiffer Publishing.


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