Wheel love dating

There’s no rule that says Date Night has to be on the weekend! The husband is crazy busy with work and school, money is tight and with 3 (almost 4) kids at home and my own at-home work schedule sometimes life gets a bit… Sometimes “date night” turns into both of us working at our desks in the office with a show playing in the background.

I notice the hand holding, door opening and random compliment giving. The aspects of their relationships I am present for are some of the aspects that make them so strong.

I am subject to witness a healthy amount of PDA as a seventh wheel. However, there are obviously certain aspects of a relationship that occur behind closed doors.

Although I am not 100 percent immersed in their relationships, I have never felt like anything is missing from them.

By some twist of fate, I have secured the coveted position of seventh wheel.

My friend group is composed of three couples and myself.


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