How to stop steam from updating dating a manic depressive person

My wifi sucks and it would take hours to reinstall!How can i get steam to recognize the game is installed so it will update!???Some key mods are used by many others, these are the next biggest problem creators.Mods that only rely on the game rarely cause update issues, but rarely is not, never.Updating both the Game and mods can break your game and/or mods, when done automatically.It needs planning and testting first to see what's changed, sometimes mods also require an update, due to changes in the game or even other mods.The absolute worst way to update a modded game, is to do it automatically like Steam and the Workshop.This is the main reason that Steam Workshop, isn't used at all by most experienced modders.

I have a 16GB internet cap, so you see the problem. there are 2 separate games in the steam library (MW2 SP and MW2 MP).In the past, only running Steam in offline mode, would ensure no auto updates ran and going online, would start any auto-updates, as soon as you went online. I can at least check Steam for an update, without actually triggering it.The recent change to Steam gives you an online option now, it appears to work well enough, I see games listed needing updates that haven't triggered. Now you're in charge of Updating, when should you Update.Generally the less experienced you are the longer you wait.Other more experienced modders, will test the game for changes.Indeed you can't turn off auto updates for Steam at all, the best you can do is limit them to one hour per day (Downloads Tab in Steam's Settings).


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