Dating very slowly annalynne mccord is dating

Your personal timeline should help determine your relational pace.

Naturally, your pace in the first months of dating should be much slower than your pace during engagement.

Therefore, going slowly happens when both parties actively pursue the will of God and intentionally follow His leading.

Couples often end up going too fast in their relationship because of personal insecurities.

These insecurities can cause couples to rush through the stages of dating just to get to a place where they feel loved and needed.

However, when secure individuals date, they are looking for companionship — not completion.

DTRs are very important pace-setting conversations that help to guard hearts and keep a couple on the same page.

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And it safeguards couples from pushing physical boundaries they may regret later. Don’t wake it up until it’s ready.” Although most singles desire for love to be awakened, based on this verse we shouldn't awaken love (or rush through dating relationships) because there is such a thing as “being ready.” In other words, there’s a "right time" for love.

Couples who go slowly are good at having mature, honest conversations about expectations and desires in their dating relationship.

Couples often go too fast because they avoid the all too important DTR (defining the relationship) conversations.

The same thing can happen in a dating relationship.

If we aren't intentional about maintaining a safe pace, then by default we will speed.


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