Jewish son dating catholic

They were known as the Achim (brothers) who dwell in the South and as the holy Bond of the South. St Peter is disguised as Shimon bar Yochai of the 2nd century who was also a follower of this Jewish Christian mystical tradition.

Rabbi Akiva was a son or grandson of St Joseph of Arimathea who was a Jewish Christian bishop or shepherd who apostatized and left Britain (London/ Lud) for Palestine.

The two Shimons were later confused into one as were other Rabbis in the Zohar.

They were two different generations of Rabbis- one group who lived and taught in Galilee in Second Temple times and the others in post-Temple times before the Bar Kokhba Revolt.

St Mark (Marcus) had a sister (Osnat/ Aurelia) known after her baptism as Petronilla.

They met with Pope Clement I whose mother was a Jewish Christian to beg his help.

Arimathea was Aram-Tehama which was the capital city of the now sunken land in the Indian Ocean near the Seychelles and Madagascar (Mauritia).

His brother Nathan (Tenaufen/ Tasciovanius/ Nascien) was a Romano-British Jewish Prince in charge of the Tin Mines of south-west Britain (Cassi).

St Peter opposed her marriage to the Roman and locked her in her room.

She went on a hunger strike until her father relented and allowed the marriage.


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