Michael the dating wizard

MAJOR stuff about pick-up, MAJOR stuff about relationships, MAJOR STUFF!

There's a lot of LIES out there being spread like wildfire, and so it's my MISSION to actually spread the TRUTH.

The answers provide specific and IMMEDIATELY applicable strategies that you can use right now in your interactions with women.

Even if the behavior we constantly engage in is NOT natural, and even if it's harmful for us, such as overeating, it is tormenting for us to stop our habits.Michael has spent over four years studying the specific male behaviors that trigger attraction in women.His findings are based on both his real life observations of men who are successful with women, as well as his research on evolutionary psychology and its applications to sexual attraction.Michael W - Okay, this is going to be one of those politically incorrect articles.At the same time, I am very careful not to teeter into the land of negativity and sensationalism. Michael W - A guy could read for years on all the best "methods" for meeting and attracting women, but unless he takes ACTION, nothing is going to happen.Michael W - Recently, I was interviewed by a journalist in the city, and I was explaining how ironic it is that in cities with millions of people crammed together, every day in places like public transit, there is still so much loneliness.


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