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Certainly Lincolnshire were in the town by the late 1930’s and some of these were absorbed.It would be unusual for a Tilling company to retain an old operators name unless it was very substantial, in which case I would have anticipated seeing it somewhere in those sources.PSVs of that era usually carry a tax disc holder with spaces for three discs.One is obviously the RFT disc, the second is the PSV licence. Peter Cook No-one has come back to you and I don’t go back beyond ’68, but one of the discs definitely said ‘Hackney’ and, to make bus travel as economical as possible, it wouldn’t surprise me if the RFL wasn’t the same as a car’s.

I do not know if any specific UK emissions legislation was in place before that.

13/10/17 Whereabouts of Portsmouth Corp’n Crossley Condor Does anyone know the current whereabouts of Portsmouth Corporation’s 1931 Crossley Condor recovery wagon – RV 720 and its condition?

Chris Hebbron Re RV 720 – it is sitting in the corner of the CPPTD (City of Portsmouth Preserved Transport Depot) depot at Wicor Farm where it has been stored for Portsmouth Museum & Records Service for some years (along with a Tower Wagon and trolley 201).

It connected the traction motor armature and series field in such a way that it acted as a generator and was loaded to a portion of the starting resistance.

Whilst in use, the brake limited the road speed generally to less than 15mph and also isolated the power pedal.


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