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Situated on the South West Coast of Cyprus, Paphos holds great appeal to visitors of all ages.

The main tourist area, and many archaeological sites, is to be found in Kato, or lower Paphos, whilst the old town known as Ktima sits further inland, high up on a rocky plateau.The ancient Greco-Roman geographer Strabo noted that the four tribes that took down the Bactrians in the Greek and Roman account – the Asioi, Pasianoi, Tokharoi and Sakaraulai – came from land north of the Syr Darya where the Ili and Chu valleys are located.Identification of these four tribes varies, but Sakaraulai may indicate an ancient Saka tribe, the Tokharoi is possibly the Yuezhi, and while the Asioi had been proposed to be groups such as the Wusun or Alans.Indications of Saka presence have also been found in the Tarim Basin region, possibly as early as the 7th century BC.The Saka were pushed out of the Ili and Chu River valleys by the Yuezhi, thought by some to be Tocharians.They migrated into Sogdia and Bactria in Central Asia and then to the northwest of the Indian subcontinent where they were known as the Indo-Scythians.


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    Much of the information presented in this section is based upon the Stuiver and Polach (1977) paper "Discussion: Reporting of C14 data". 1890 wood was chosen as the radiocarbon standard because it was growing prior to the fossil fuel effects of the industrial revolution.

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