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These are all bred for excellent egg production, laying white, cream, brown, dark brown and blue coloured eggs.

They are good natured birds which are reared to the freedom foods standard and are fully vaccinated. We also stock a huge range of Feeders, Drinkers and many other poultry accessories.

I keep most of the colours in both sizes and a few very rare colours including Red Bantams and Chocolate Large Fowl.

I also have several breeding projects including Chocolate Silver Laced, Blue Silver Laced Bantams and Chocolate Cuckoo large fowl.

So if you want your birds transporting by a proper bird courier please contact us - all types of birds collected with very good rates In October we are starting a new service where each week we will be covering all the motorways around the UK from as far as Glasgow to London and Exeter we will have certain times we will be stopping at certain places so people can come and drop/collect their birds. Rarer pekin colours include chocolate, chocolate partridge, black mottled, blue, blue splash and creole as well as white, black, silver partridge and gold partridge. 01454 772529, Email [email protected] Web Site Oak Tree Poultry, Wiltshire.High Down Poultry has a reputation for producing good traditional Pure Breeds of poultry from show winning stock also Hybrid egg layers which are supplied wormed and vaccinated. No.: 01233 850692, Email: [email protected] Address: Hilltop Pure Breed Poultry, Hampshire.Situated on the Isle of Wight we are breeders of pure breed poultry selling hatching eggs by post.Here at Hen House Poultry we are passionate about chickens.Throughout the year we have for sale thirteen different types of hybrid, point of lay chickens - These include Ambers, Bluebelles, Corals, Rhode Rocks, Silvers, Skylines, Rangers, plus Light Sussex, Silver Sussex, Copper Maran, Rhode Island Red, Maran and Leghorn hybrids.we are DEFRA reg and all our birds are wormed and inspected regularly, please phone or email for details of colours available sometimes we have a waiting list so orders taken.


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