Date backdating

You will only get backdating for the period you met the qualifying rules; so if you only met the rules, for example, two weeks before your date of claim, you will only get two weeks' extra money.

You should check your tax credits award notices carefully to make sure any backdating has been included properly.

Back to the top If your change means you are entitled to a lower amount of tax credits, HMRC will backdate the change to when it happened, regardless of when you tell them.If you claimed childcare support through the Tax-Free Childcare scheme before claiming tax credits, the 31 days backdating may be limited to the date your TFC support ended as you cannot claim TFC and tax credits at the same time.See below for information about backdating and universal credit.Sandra applies for Disability Living Allowance for her daughter Amy on . As long as Sandra tells HMRC that Amy has been awarded DLA within 1 month she will receive backdating of the disability element of CTC to .Back to the top If you are granted refugee status, your claim for tax credits can be backdated to the date you claimed asylum, but only if you claim tax credits within one month of the decision granting you refugee status.You can find out more about this in our universal credit section.


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