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If your relationship is the kind wherein your partner is a cheater, then you are probably contemplating on whether to jump ship and move on before getting married.Years ago, you would have sworn that you would dump your partner if he/she were ever unfaithful.This is because you feel your pride has been trampled on and the trust you had in your woman has been betrayed, you are deeply hurt and wounded. Yes, take what is called in some quarters as a relationship time-out.Are you asking questions like, "what can a man do in this situation? Pull yourself together, take time to absorb the way things look and ask some tough questions.However, it is not that easy to give yourself fully to her once again. It is very difficult to decide whether to end ties if you can ascertain to the cheating.You have to take your time and consider each alternative's high and low points, having in mind the degree to which you love your fiancé.Not everyone is fit for revenge and you may regret the decision once your anger and pain disappear.It might be best to take some time first so that you will know if you really want to get revenge or to hit him where it hurts most.

You get your revenge by showing him that his cheating did not affect you and you can do more good for others without him.

Be happy with what you have and make the necessary changes to get it.

Stun him the next time you meet by allowing your new and improved side to shine through.• Better Life - men take pride in being good providers, and if you could show him that you could do that better than him, you can have the cruelest kind of revenge.

If you are one of those men who has been caught in the web of "I caught My Girlfriend Cheating"; your feelings are similar to those felt by all the men who have found themselves in this same situation all over the world.

What is also true while one is in this kind of situation is that you must be having a thousand and one thoughts swirling in your mind and you are at a loss as to what you can do; even on where to start.


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