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Starting out auspiciously, Poltz recalls meeting Elvis Presley at a small airport and beaming proudly as The King hugged his sister for an inordinately long time.Growing up in Palm Springs, California, he trick-or-treated at Liberace’s house and was Bob Hope’s favorite altar boy.In the video Jewel and Poltz appeared together in numerous scenes, most of them depicting how both of them wants to be together but always separated.In one scene, Poltz tries to reach for Jewel's hand, but a curtain appears between them and separating their hands.You would basically require the powers of the Hubble space telescope to locate Steve Poltz from any region of normalcy.For music fans on both sides of the equator, this is a very good thing.In an alcohol-soaked haze, he infamously accosted David Cassidy, who had summoned him to Las Vegas to write a hit song for the aging Tiger Beat cover boy.His rich and colorful legacy is the stuff of legend, but it is his distinctive style of songwriting that has caused the world to offer up its stages, clubs, and alleys.

Any musician who has traveled as extensively as Poltz will have their share of colorful road stories, but Poltz’ adventures read like a bucket list.Among the music cognoscenti, Steve Poltz is regarded as one of the most talented and prolific songwriters of our time.His songs have been among the longest running ever on the Billboard Top 100 and they regularly appear in movie soundtracks, television shows, and even the odd commercial.Jewel sits inside a boat in the middle of a room alone, and Jewel sits on a side of a bedroom while Poltz, shirtless, was in the other side and tries to reach towards her.remember when I first met Jewel," recalls Lee Greene, a friend from Jewel's hometown of Homer, Alaska. Canadian singer/songwriter best known for collaborating with Jewel in writing "You Were Meant For Me" from Pieces Of You.


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