Fun dating ideas in utah

Broom/Pillow Hockey Play hockey with a broom indoors. Work Out Do your muscles a favor and get some blood pumping through them.

Around The World Ping-Pong This requires more than 2 people.

Planetarium Go to a local planetarium and learn about the stars or just go star gazing at night. Visit A Rest home Visit some of the elderly at a nearby rest home it's a great way to hear some great stories.

Test Drive Cars Go to a dealership and test drive a car you've been eying. Pool Hop Pool hop from complex to complex seeing how many you can hit in one day.

Cozy Read Read a book in front of a fire or snuggled up in the blankets.

Drawing/Painting Paint or draw a portrait of each other.

Relay Games Play a number of different relay games with your date competing against other couples. Skittle Bowling Get a bag of skittles and make each color represent something different (ex: red=spin three times before bowling etc). Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee is one of the best games to play with a group of people. Baseball Game Go to a local professional baseball game. Three Legged Soccer Play three-legged soccer against other couples.

Sound Scavenger Hunt Have a sound scavenger hunt with tape recorders. Garage Sale/Ebay Date Go garage sale hopping and try to find the best deals then sell them on Ebay. Historic Cemetery Visit the cemetery in downtown Salt Lake where a number of prominent LDS leaders are buried. Welfare Square Take a tour of the LDS Welfare Square and see how much humanitarian work goes on.If you want to spice it up a bt act like you are engaged or married. Share Pictures Look through each others photo albums and get to know one another better.Parks & Gardens Go to a local park or garden and walk around. Dollar Date Go on a date where you cant spend more than a dollar. Rock Skipping Contest Have a rock skipping contest at a lake! Make Treats For Friends Make treats and take them to your friends or neighbors. Sidewalk Art Buy some chalk and draw pictures on the sidewalk. Slurpee Run Go get a slurpee at the Seven Eleven or local Quickie Mart. Paper Airplanes Make paper airplanes and see whose goes further.Each person hits the ball once and then runs around to the other side of the table to hit it again. Croquet Playing croquet is a great group date activity.To spice it up a bit thry playing at night with flashlights.Temple Square Go to the visitors center on Temple Square, watch the movies, learn about the history of the LDS church.


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