Free single webcam

Additionally it is possible to browse the famous directory ( with more than 12000 cameras.________________________________________________________________________Restrictions: This version is ad supported, so you will get advertisment on various views.________________________________________________________________________If you find an error or want to request a feature, please use our support area or go to our discussion boards As of Oct 13th, 2014, Image Salsa and Movie Salsa are now FREE for personal use!!! I have been selling Image Salsa and Movie Salsa since 2001.We had a good run, but it's gotten to the point where the cost of maintenance and support is greater than the income from dwindling sales.If you have purchased either program in the last year, I will gladly support you through the support page for a full year from your purchase date.For folks downloading it and using it for free, there are various forums out there with users who may be able to support you, but I won't be able to provide personal support.The way this is going to work is I'm going to provide universal keys that anyone can use.These keys will unlock the best version of Image Salsa (Weather Edition) and Movie Salsa.

You will need your purchased key when requesting support on the Support Page.

Note that I am providing the software for personal use.

If you intend to use either program for commercial use, please contact me to arrange an appropriate license..

Just the power to run the PC that fulfilled orders was a quarter of the income...

So, I weighed my options and decided the best thing is to give the software away on an "as-is" basis.


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