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Often, these types of regular friendly conversations can spark friendships and connections.

Another idea is be consistent with what service you go to and where you sit.

Below we'll discuss some of the intersting facts of the church and how Saddleback Church singles can get connected.

Some churches start small and dream big, but Saddleback Church seems to have skipped the small part and moved right to the big.

For example, if you have children, be sure to be friendly with the caregivers each time you drop them off before service.

Ask them questions about how your son or daughter is doing.

We are creates of habit and most people get in a pattern of attending the same service and sitting in roughly the same area.

Before long, these casual interactions can spark further friendship and connections.

Every group has time to hang out, study the Bible, and pray.

How about interest groups that come tailored just for people like you?

While you could just watch online every week, that doesn’t help you make a lot of new friends.

The goal of Saddleback isn’t a conversion number, but to give the community hope.


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