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According to a Harvard study, the vast majority 6% of respondents to this survey had never had a conversation with their parents about how to avoid sexually harassing others and a majority had never had conversations with their parents about misogyny The senior proms are happening. No, not that Talk, the one that usually comes as puberty approaches.

Chances are, though, that they have not had The Talk.

Something like, ‘Hey I just read this really interesting article in USA TODAY and it was talking about dating and sex at college.’”Geltman says such conversations are most effective if they start based on common ground. There are a million opportunities for parents to get at this conversation by talking about the characters in the show.”She also suggests parents frame the conversation by citing the example of other teens, thus taking the immediate focus away from the worries of their own children.“Something like, ‘My friend at work told me her son/daughter is having a really hard time at college with the social scene.’“The key is not to come at with any judgment or criticism as in ‘I can't believe kids behave this way,'" Geltman said.

“Instead, it should be something like, ‘I get how this might have happened.’ The first is a conversation closer, the second is an opener.”And what should you do when your child is at college and is confronted by one of the troubling situations described in the report?


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