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This was all perfectly crafted by the hand of Cameron Crowe's peaceful camera and the fantastic screenplay he wrote going back in time to his own similar experience.

The man got the best from Tom Cruise, that's already a lot: and "Almost Famous" is his legacy; a gem and one of the best films I've seen in my life.

But then, with a lot of intelligence, a camera shoots a restaurant, and they are both still talking.

Bangs gives the kid an assignment: to write about Deep Purple.

The kid goes to the concert in his home town and tries to enter backstage saying he's a reporter of "Creem".

The lead singer is also important and he is played by a long-haired Jason Lee, with the guts of a rock persona. Like Russell's party in Topeka and his last lines if he would die: "I'm on drugs"; or the plain about to crash and confessions like: "I'm gay".Then, before we know, he forgets about Deep Purple, he is touring with Stillwater and writing an article for Rolling Stone magazine that could be considered for the cover; and William is only 15 years old.During the tour I felt what they called the "buzz".These are the Band Aids, and that is the moment in the film during which I fell in love with Kate Hudson.She plays Penny Lane (although that's not her real name), the girl who said women should be with musicians just for the love of the music, not sex or free rides.The same occurred later with "Traffic", "The Truman Show", "Big Fish" and others.


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    Its appearance is similar to the Jaguar, though it is tonally and physically different in many technical ways.