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Dusting and washing is always a challenge, considering the intricate nature of Meissen figures and groups.

Keeping figures in a closed display cabinet helps reduce the necessity for cleaning.

This plate is an early product of the Worcester porcelain factory, dating from the late 1760s.

Meissen porcelain was the first European porcelain to be made outside of.

Condition is an important consideration when collecting any ceramics, as these pieces are almost always multiples.

If a piece has a chip, crack, or significant wear, the value will drop compared with the same piece in pristine condition.

Also, lesser German manufacturers often copied Meissen’s designs, and some competitors used a vaguely similar mark, a fact that may confuse or even deceive a novice collector.

Meissen produced lines of redwares, stonewares, and easily recognizable polychrome-enameled and gilded porcelain figures.

Take special care when cleaning items with restorations.

Often, attempts to clean will change the finish or remove older repairs.

For almost a century, Meissen china produced the finest quality porcelain in Europe. Can you all please help date the style of this Meissen mark? If you Google Fake Meissen Marks you can get lots of information. Dating UF Dating of porcelain BT Pottery dating RT Porcelain Marks.

West German companies changed their marks to Made in West Germany. How do you know when Meissen porcelain is a good buy? USE Marseille porcelain Porcelain, Meissen USE Meissen porcelain Porcelain,.


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