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After the Holloway matter, Joran went to college in the Netherlands, but did not complete his studies.

He has also claimed he tossed her in the ocean after she had seizures and died.But his FBI controller, replied , “Oh no, use the real explosive, we will intercept it all before it would go off.” [Or words to that effect.] To the desperate anti-conspiracy nuts out there—they even made a TV movie depicting this, and the FBI doesn’t deny it—probably because the frightened Egyptian agent went public about it.No one at the FBI was ever charged or indicted over this—obviously orders from the highest levels. and Related Matters on Latin America and People’s Denial By The Anonymous Physicist The media has had a frenzy with Aruban/Dutch citizen Joran Van Der Sloot, age 22.The first frenzy was when he was 17, and American Natalee Holloway, age 18, went missing at the end of her graduation celebration trip to Aruba.Of course, if he were a monster to say his younger brothers, maybe that’s why they wanted him out.


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