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Men who depended on their wives' income, as well as their own now are responsible for the total support of their family, and often had to help widowed family members who no longer had any sort of income.

They have to accompany their wives any time their wives go out.

With the Taliban takeover, the women were immediately, without any exceptions, told to go to their homes and stay there.

They were told they could no longer work in any capacity.

CHAT PARTICIPANT: Do most of the male population view this the same way as the Taliban? The Afghan nation was always known in this century to be a liberal nation in the Islamic world.

They followed a moderate form of Islam, and the people who lived this way, both men and women, had no desire to follow Taliban teachings.

CHAT PARTICIPANT: How do you think this oppression of woman will effect the young girls growing up?

LENO: Because this is a situation which is only five years old, we feel there is a good chance to undo damage which has been done.

We also help to fund groups that smuggle medical care into the women who have very little access to it any longer.

So, in essence, all the normal tasks of living, which could once be split between two people, now fell on the shoulders of the men.

Men were also forced to grow long beards and attend numerous prayer services during the course of any single day. The loss of all the skilled female workers meant it was hard for anybody of either sex to get health care or education any longer.

They can now be punished if they leave their houses unaccompanied by a close male relative, and wearing a shroud-like garment called a burqa.

They can be punished if more than three unrelated women are found gathering together, if their windows are not painted dark so that no one can see in, or even if their shoes make a noise when they walk.


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