Updating harmony remote

So I checked out Logitech’s support FAQ, and found nothing relevant.

I was using the last released version of the software, so I checked the support boards and found a clumsy solution. You see, the Remote Software isn’t compatible with El Capitan, nine months after its release.

Now there were promises in the support board that Logitech planned the fix the problem, but this is an old remote. In any case, Logitech is sending me a Companion for review.

Heaven knows what’ll happen when mac OS Sierra arrives.

In passing, the software also uses a Java library for cross-platform compatibility, and requires that you have SE 6 installed.

More often than not, when you threaten to leave, they find a way to connect you to a “retention” department that’s ready to distribute a handful of special offers so you can stay with them. Growth among these companies has stalled, as more and more people look for ways to cut the cord.

Anyway, Cox Communications didn’t have an offer that appealed to me, but Direc TV was happy to welcome me back as a customer at a really cheap rate for one of their less-inclusive plans.


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