Dating culture in burma

Myanmar/Burmese practices Myanmar people culture and traditions till date.

These songs are usually about various legends in Pali and subsequently in Burmese intermingled with Pali, associated with religion or the power and glory of monarchs, and so the natural beauty of the land, forests and also the seasons, eventually feminine beauty, love, passion and longing, along with folk music sung within the paddy fields.

Our entertaining and engaging performances highlight several remarkable eras in Myanmar history, dating back as far as the Bagan era 1044-1287 to the time prior to independence in 1948.

Stunning costumes and experience dancers bring the show to life and will transport you back in time.

Although Burmese dance continues to be influenced by the dance traditions of their neighbors, in particular Thailand (yodaya aka), it retains unique qualities that distinguish it using their company regional styles, including angular, fast-paced and energetic movements and focus on pose, not movement.

People You will find over 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar by official count.


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