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Most reptiles are oviparous, although several species of squamates are viviparous, as were some extinct aquatic clades — the fetus develops within the mother, contained in a placenta rather than an eggshell.

As amniotes, reptile eggs are surrounded by membranes for protection and transport, which adapt them to reproduction on dry land.

Boggies, Bunce and Bean Fantastic Mr Fox This formidable trio of mean, wealthy farmers become the nemeses of Mr Fox when he steals one too many times from their overflowing farms.But when his actions fail to dampen the Whos’ Christmas spirit, the Grinch learns to love festivity and humanity, causing his heart to grow three times larger.The Wicked Witch of the West The Wonderful Wizard of Oz The tyrannical leader of the Winkie Country is furious when her sister is killed by Dorothy’s falling house and vows to seek revenge on her (and her little dog, too) by snatching the magical silver slippers protecting Dorothy.Shere Khan The Jungle Book A crippled but fiercely proud tiger, Shere Khan becomes an instant villain when he preys on baby Mowgli, who has wandered into the jungle.Losing Mowgli to the wolves who protect, then adopt him, Shere Khan vows that the cub will one day be his and launches a 10-year scheme to overthrow the wolf pack and kill Mowgli.In addition to the living reptiles, there are many diverse groups that are now extinct, in some cases due to mass extinction events.


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