Fools rush in dating is stupid quote

tracts of land—she was at least twenty pounds overweight, so several of my followers started calling her fat. She started sending pictures of herself to me in an attempt to prove she overrate her intelligence, she was unwilling to accept that maybe, just maybe, she had made some poor choices in life.That is the modern “intelligent” girl; an intellectual vacuum.

I initially ignored her, but when she continued to harass me, touting her “4.0 GPA” and how smart she was, I clicked through to her profile and did a little research.

Here are my reasons why female intelligence is a fraud.

This is the most important thing to know: intelligence is largely a attribute.

Even so-called “nerd girls” are phonies, as their “nerdiness” extends to playing video games once in a blue moon or re-Tweeting charlatans like Neil de Grasse Tyson.

The only thing separating her from a ghetto baby momma is the ability to form complete sentences.


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