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PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) has been designed to replace existing national age rating systems with a single system that is identical throughout most of Europe.PEGI uses a combination of content declaration and game review to determine the appropriate PEGI rating for each game.A wide range of academics, consumers and other stakeholder groups have been involved in the drafting of the assessment form and the shaping of the organisation in order to meet varying cultural standards and attitudes across the member states.No, the rating does not take into account the difficulty level or skills required to play a game.Initially, the publisher of a game will complete an online declaration form that is sent to the administrator of the system.The completed form is then reviewed and used as a basis for checking the content of the game.

Consumers who disagree with a rating can contact the administrator and file a complaint.The PEGI Online label, however, underlines the dedication to the protection of minors in a company’s policy regarding online gaming.It indicates membership of a network of companies that comply with the requirements of the PEGI Online Safety Code.It is a leisure activity, just like reading books or watching television. Upon joining PEGI Online companies must sign up to a code of conduct, thus indicating that they manage the online gaming features of their products in a responsible manner.As it involves the use of your eyesight we generally advise these guidelines: - Always play in a well lit room - Take regular breaks - Don’t play a game for hours on end, no matter how compelling it may be. In return they receive a license to use a registered PEGI Online label as a “seal of quality”The PEGI age rating system issues licenses to use a specific age class label and descriptor for a specific product on a specific platform.There are also specialized game magazines and websites that provide previews, reviews, rankings and news on the latest games. The Netherlands Institute for the Classification of Audio-visual Media (NICAM) and the Video Standards Council (VSC) are the administrators of the PEGI system.


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