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Larson, who ran an adult education center before learning to code, admits that online learning is still an experiment."I think if we had teachers, if we could afford to hire them, we'd have better outcomes," he says.But affordable teachers with enough experience are hard to come by, he says.Soon, Byers had a job at a Mid-Western software company writing code to automate the test process of the company's web applications."It was a case of being in the right place at the right time," he says.Cristián Berríos Vergara, on the other hand, was an experienced programmer who wanted to switch careers.His task was to write software that could verify that the code a student wrote as part of a tutorial was correct so that the student could move on to the next lesson.As luck would have it, he described the work he was doing to a friend at a local tech meetup in Madison, Wisconsin, who just happened to know someone who wanted to hire someone with exactly that skill set."I wasn't sure if I was ready for tech interviews," he says.

What's more, Free Code Camp, as they name suggests, is free.Students move on to programming with Java Script and, eventually, learning to build complete web applications using modern frameworks such as Angular and Node.The curriculum also includes outside resources, such as Stanford University's online Computer Science 101 course, and tutorials found on Codecademy.But not everyone has the time or money to attend a six-week, full-time program.Other companies offer interactive tutorials or online courses, but it can be hard for their students to find real-world experience.He read about Free Code Camp on Twitter soon after the site launched in October.


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