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"For instance, once, during filming, it started raining.

This caused big raindrops to start appearing on the ground, changing the color of the concrete floor." Because Corner Cameras is trying to analyze light signals that are just 0.1 percent of the total brightness of the ground, "I thought these raindrops would wipe out any signal we had," Bouman said.

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This light is called the "penumbra." The system analyzes this penumbra over several seconds, stitching together dozens of distinct images, according to the study.But Bouman and her colleagues' method for seeing around corners simply uses a smartphone camera."We use light naturally in the scene and do not have to introduce our own light to probe the hidden scene," Bouman said.This futuristic-sounding tech could one day help vehicles see around blind corners, the researchers said."We may eventually be able to use this idea to alert drivers to pedestrians or cars that are about to dart out from behind buildings into a driver's path.Those surfaces could act like mirrors, scattering the laser pulses onto any hidden objects.


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