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ST: Absolutely, my blueberry mojito made with Truvia™ natural sweetener is about 150 calories per serving, and it makes the perfect low calorie summer cocktail.

This recipe for four drinks is simple to make as follows.

There is a continual consumer demand for natural or lower calorie drinks, so the trend finally seems to be catching on.

LTK: Is there anything else you want to share about mixing low calorie beverages?

Ingredients: LTK: Do you have any recipes for alcohol-free low calorie cocktails?

ST: The blueberry mojito can easily double as an alcohol-free, low calorie cocktail by making the rum optional.

Love To Know (LTK): Sam, please tell us about your background as a chef.

I placed third and made some great connections and friends in the process that helped jumpstart my career.

In this low calorie cocktails interview with Sam Talbot, the celebrity chef shares ways to cut calories while creating delicious drinks.

If you love cocktails but you're concerned about watching your weight, give Sam's blueberry Mojito a try. Sam has become quite the celebrity, and he recently teamed up with Truvia™ to create some low calorie cocktail recipes using this natural alternative to sugar.

I make mojitos with Truvia™ natural sweetener, and you wouldn't notice the difference.

They are better than the real thing since Truvia™ is zero-calorie and adds a guilt-free component.


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