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While my wife was on maternity leave, and after talking about it, as she had a really good job, with a really good salary, we decided that I would give up my job, to work at home in my own business.

She also said that she had reservations about me wearing female clothes, but she realised now, how much calmer and happier I was, so would I like to dress full-time.

Making a boy sit down for a wee and generally not allowing him to be male has made him confused.

In the last three years, we have become much closer.

I would try and sit down with him and explain very clearly and concisely just how this is making you feel.

He might not have a clear understanding of the boundaries.

x i know that sometimes its really hard to do but... Hi Charlotte, Thanks for replying, I have tryed talking to him and he won't see anyone about it says that he is to embarrassed, I have been cleaning the bedroom since I posted on here and under his side of the bed is most of his womens clothes and we sorted the bedroom out as i am pregnant so that we could fit baby cot in, and he put them all in black bag and said he will stop but only lasted a few weeks, but i have just found some of my clothes and bikinis that i don't fit into and just sent him a text as he is in work saying how p****d off i am about it and that if he can take my clothes i can take his and i have bagged them all up ande hid them, i just don't know what else to do as i have threatened to leave over it before but i can't as i really do love him, i told him i don't mind him wearing the pants as there more comfy but to find out he been wearing bras etc i just can't handle and i really don't want to lose him just feel like i can carry on with him doing it, I know its nothing todo with pregnancy hormones as he suggested as i felt like this for 2years since i first found out, i know that sometimes its really hard to do but... Hi Jade thanks for replying, the fact that he uses these toys don't really bother me as much as the clothes as we have spoken about getting a strap on etc, but they were my toys and he took them and hid them under his side of the bed, that is what really got me then lied about using them iyswim, Hi Anon I am by no means an expert but I would think he is dressing in women's clothes as a form of escapism from something.

Like when one someone drinks or smokes heavily, a stress relief perhaps.


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