Sex chat online in banglore

If you don't want to show your pic that is ok but atleast send it to me when you contact me . i am pretty practical and am nice to be that's how people rate me as. This is my discreet lifestyle which is only for fun and no money involved. About Me: I am a top to versatile person, looking for guys who can turn me on. About Guys I Want To Meet: Should be clean, soft spoken, sophisticated. Should be a good human being Profiles with no photos of their own please don't expect a reply from me on the mail . About Guys I Want To Meet: i prefer athletic, muscular or bodybuilders, heheh . but as a respectful person i also respect my friends feelings, so i dont want to force anyone do something he doesnt want to. also like sucking nipples About Me: Am not as in the picture but have grown beard a typical muslim beard....:) hi there, m a very sincere and genuine person. Aphrodisiac Characteristic - A guy outside but a slutty gal inside who LOVES TO CROSS DRESS LIKE A GAL is bed as a major sexual fantasy.Inside the panel, Later in the panel, we all of us were waiting for our turn. This process is entirely different from the normal corporate process , as the distance between me and process was nearly ten feet.The colonel noted everything while we enter into the hall, our body language, the way as how we asked permission, how we greet him, how we answer to him everything. After receiving the call letter, i was so excited and started to prepare for the process as it is the main hurdle to cross.

To speak about myself is difficult, but to say a few, I'm basically caring and friendly. About Guys I Want To Meet: One who share similar interests and is in between 25 to 40 years. About Me: Just looking for friends, and people to share some thoughts.In the first day, we were given analytical assessment consists of verbal and nonverbal, PPDT-picture perception and description followed group discussion.For the analytical assessment, normal intelligent student needs no preparation, if you wish, practice the non verbal part well from r.s.I got many new friends in the train and some of them are repeaters for this, so i got some advise from them.We chat a lot and also met an air force Sargent, he told and advised us many things about the same. In few minutes our room mates mingled with each other and cracked jokes, told about their previous experiences, I heard that keenly as it was first time for me.About Me: Iam a honest and good looking person with an innocent feelings.


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