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“Hungry Like a Wolf” is a pretty normal thing to say, isn’t it? Generally we all know what’s bad for us, whetherit’s booze, drugs, fat, or sugar. I don’t think there’s an age limit, as long as the music’s good. I don’t see why we can’tgrow old disgracefully like them. ”Hungry Like the Wolf” makes you ask that question: “Which wolf? Since then, their style and sound has never stopped evolving.

The stuff we all know in and out is hard to deny as Duran Duran’s finest material, but they aren’t purely a singles band, and there are other corners of their catalog well worth exploring.

We thought, “God, if it can be as quick and painlessas that, then let’s do some more.” People don’t tend to come to blows with Nick. I can’t say who wasinvolved; that would be unprofessional. You used to be able to walkto the front of the stage and just wave your cock around, and it woulddrive the whole audience crazy.

Then, in the ’90s, it becameembarrassing to do that, so we learned to perform properly. The fact that I’ve got three guys and a manager who all go, “You’reputting on a bit of weight in that picture, your trousers look tight,”keeps me straight.

Upon the recent release of Duran Duran’s 14th album, , Stereogum published a list of their 10 best songs.

And, naturally, the list had a lot of those MTV heavy-hitters represented — how could you not?


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