Women in jail dating

Abortion is treated as a healthcare issue, and regulated accordingly - with professional sanctions against those deemed to have acted outside recognised ethical practice.

There is no reason to believe the same would not happen in the UK if abortion was decriminalised.

Removing abortion from the criminal law would not change this.

Monifah then asks her teenage daughter if she supports her lesbian relationship, but the teen tells Monifah she does not support her lesbian lifestyle.

Here’s a little background: rumor has it that Monifah was involved in a longterm, abusive relationship with Teresa Weatherspoon, 46, a retired WNBA player who now coaches the Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters basketball team.

The furore has erupted over the RCM’s decision to support the We Trust Women campaign launched by BPAS in February.

This aims to take abortion out of the criminal law and subject it to the same, vast body of regulation that govern all other women’s medical procedures.


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