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(Andrew Michaels)"Be'chol Lashon is delighted to partner with Abayudaya leader, Rabbi Sizomu and JDC to help alleviate the immediate need for food in the region, as well as improve agricultural practices and food management to anticipate future need, including collecting rain water, irrigation and storing surplus crops during the growing seasons," said Diane Tobin, CEO of Be'Chol Lashon.

The Abayudaya, which translates to "people of Judah," consists of 2,000 Ugandan Jews, who are down to one meal a day because of widespread famine in Uganda, Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen and South Sudan, Recant said.

An ordained rabbi since 2008, Sizomu also studied in the U. for five years at the American Jewish University's Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles, Calif.

In 2011, Sizomu ran to represent Uganda's Bungokho North District in Parliament but lost.

Recant said the food shortage is in large part due to the ongoing drought.

Since the community relies heavily on crops, maize flour will be distributed."We had the great famine of the early 1980s in Ethiopia, which was the largest famine of the last century," Recant said.

The Jewish Coalition for East Africa Relief was the latest organization created about three months ago.

Recant said funding is sent to Be'chol Lashon, a Jewish advocacy organization, which purchases the food for the Abayudaya community and oversees distribution.

"We have received food aid from friends and the situation is under control."We are also looking at starting mini irrigation projects so we can slowly break the over-dependance on rain."The people are subsistence farmers and depend on nature and rain for their crops, he said.This season yielded poor crops due to lack of rain and army worm infestation.Rabbi Hillel Baron and the Lubavitch Center of Howard County will honor congregation member Larry Schoen with the Lamplighter award on Sunday, March 5, to recognize his contributions to the synagogue and Jewish community.More than 100 people are expected to attend the annual award ceremony, Baron...In partnership with the Howard County Board of Rabbis, the local Jewish federation started an emergency fundraising campaign to help feed the Abayudaya, raising more than ,000 in less than a week.


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