Buffalo speed dating

The Tinder Speed-Dating Challenge brings “speed dating” to the Swipe Right/Swipe Left Generation, and will hopefully pair up some hot couples for Valentine’s Day.

You’re meeting someone right away but now having the opportunity to get to know them better.”That’s something that actual Tinder doesn’t provide; at the Expo event, you will be meeting matches on the fly, and will be able to absorb their vibe in the moment.There’s a turtleneck-clad Billy Corgan-lookalike craving someone “willing to experiment”; a man who says he’s “very, very, very lonely”; and a guy who slowly pokes a needle through a balloon to demonstrate the delicate nature of love.She chooses “Bicycle Guy” (who from the looks of his video might actually be in love with his bike), gears up in hot pink Spandex, and pedals across town to meet him at Sea Merchant. She goes home (it’s pre-cell phones), only to discover “Bicycle Guy” making popcorn with her roommate.Seeing the impact it has made in the family, not just the recipient, more than justifies a temporary inconvenience for me. About “Laugh and Other Drugs” began over a year ago to showcase some of the area’s funniest comedians in the perfect local venue for stand-up comedy: The 9th Ward.Other than the birth of my son, it is the most meaningful day of my life.” All monies raised through the Great WNY Kidney Bean Cook Off will stay local to fund important initiatives lead by the Kidney Foundation of Western New York. This show brings some of the best comedic talent from Buffalo and surrounding areas for a night of laughter. Johnny Batta: up and coming Toronto comic; performed on Comedy at the Carlson competition in Rochester.The mission of the Kidney Foundation of Western New York is to increase community awareness of kidney disease and other related diseases while educating, supporting and advocating for those we serve. Alex Brady: local teacher and comic who has performed on Goodbar, Gypsy, Nietzsche’s, and Helium’s showcases.


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