Bloggers re entering the dating world

More » Evan Marc Katz, author of "I Can't Believe I'm Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Internet Dating" (Buy Direct), and "Why You're Still Single" (Buy Direct) has one of the best dating blogs going right now.Katz avoids the mainstream dating press releases, instead focusing on providing advice to his readers on a myriad of dating and relationship topics.They’ve read horror stories and feel that all bloggers want something for nothing.They’re unaware of the work a skilled blogger puts into writing and promoting blog posts across social media, newsletters, and within their carefully cultivated niche communities.Contestant #4 Just like in life, many of the bloggers you’re reaching out to are looking for a stable, long-term relationship. Brand ambassadorships last longer than one article.They’re the gold ring of blogger relationships offered to a select group of proven blogs. You have your blogger who is looking for love, ready to build the perfect, mutually beneficial relationship with a brand.

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Contestant #4 and the bloggers they work with are contracted partners in the campaign.

As your brand’s public relations or marketing representative, it’s important to figure out which type of relationship you’re looking for from bloggers and social media influencers.

Understanding this before you start your influencer outreach will help you connect with the bloggers who want the level of commitment you’re offering.

If Contestant #1 can be convinced that bloggers have a place in their brand marketing strategy, they can become one of the other contestants.

Contestant #2 Contestant #2 understands that bloggers have potential and is open to discussing possible blogger outreach. Some suitors in this category have used bloggers in the past, gotten burned and are a little shy about trying for love a second time. If you find yourself at this stage, you might want to start small with your blogger outreach.


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