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In 15 seasons, Emmitt Smith made an impact on the NFL that few players can match at any position or in any era.As the NFL's all-time rushing leader, Smith won four NFL rushing titles, three Super Bowl titles and a league (1993) and Super Bowl (XXVIII) MVP award.For people interested in what Smith binge-watches on Netflix? “I don’t watch Netflix, to be honest with you,” he said with laugh. “I’ve learned that football sometimes was an outlet,” he said. Allow Him to direct thy path.” Today, Emmitt Smith is making his mark in the commercial real estate world. “It was a way for me to release anger, release frustration.” His release now comes in the form of a Bible passage recited to him years ago by his grandmother – a verse he now puts into practice in life, and in love. He and Pat also oversee Smith Charities for Underserved Children, something they both feel they were called to do.

The first player in NFL history with five straight seasons with over 1,400 rushing yards, Smith and Jim Brown are the only players with seven straight 10-touchdown seasons to start their career.Because he’s morphed in to a very sharp business man and entrepreneur, that eats most of his time.Smith says he knew years ago he was headed this direction. That’s why I worked at Jones Deli in the summer,” he said.It was one that captivated me, and one that led me to seek more.It was a message that I’d never heard delivered in that method, in that structure, or in that context before.” The message gave Smith a clear path showing where he needed to take his life, he said.“That’s why we had our own car wash detail company while we were in college. They are also your greatest liability,” Smith said. So we transfer data over and over, so I know the lineage of this particular item. If she wants to buy it, she can do the research and find out it’s legit.” Which is why Smith rarely autographs at public events.


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